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Passover Treat: 15 Pop Stars You Didn’t Know Were Jewish

Drake released his new music video for the song “HYFR” just in time for the Jewish holiday Passover. The video features Drake having fun at his Bar Mitzvah, but it opens with footage from the rappers real-life actual Bar Mitzvah as a child. Yes — Drake is Jewish! In honor of Passover Idolator came up with a list of 15 Pop Stars You Didn’t Know Were Jewish. Check out their list below!

1. Adam Levine

While Adam Levine wasn’t raised Jewish and didn’t have his own Bar Mitzvah, Levine’s father and grandfather are both Jewish. Levine says he follows more of a spiritual religion, rather than strict Judaism, but he says that his heritage is important.









2. Adam Lambert

This American Idol finalist was raised Jewish, as his mother was Jewish. He has performed in Hebrew at Jewish events, including singing songs like “Shir LaShalom” at a 2005 tribute to assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and performing at the San Diego Temple of the Arts multiple times, including at the Kol Nidre service on Yom Kippur.







3. Pink

Pink isn’t a practicing Jew, but her mother is Jewish. There are also rumors that one of her tattoos is inspired by her mother’s heritage.









4. Lea Michele and Diana Agron 

Two of Glee’s leading ladies come from Jewish lineage. Lea Michele’s father is Jewish. Diana Agron’s parents are both practicing Jews. Agron’s mother converted and Agron went to hebrew school and had a Bat Mitzvah.








5. Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is very reliant on her Jewish fatih. Both of her parents are practicing Jews. Abdul has revealed that she often turns to her Rabbi in times of need.










6. Billy Joel

Billy Joel says that he considers himself a “cultural Jew.” Both of his parents are Jewish and not practicing. He has said that “My circumcision was as Jewish as they got.”

7. Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons was born under the name of Chaim Weitz in Israel and attended Jewish schools in New York. Last year he visited Israel for the first time.

8. Beastie Boys

All three members of the Beastie Boys not only have their birthplace of Brooklyn in common. They are all Jewish too!

9. Lenny Kravitz

Idolator named Kravitz on this list because his father was Jewish, but Kravitz identifies himself as Christian.

10. David Guetta 

Now this one surprised me! Guetta is another one on this list that is half-Jewish. Guetta’s father is a Moroccan Jew.









11. Andy Samberg

Okay so this one isn’t too much of a surprise.

12. Regina Spektor

This singer/songwriter still maintains close ties with her Jewish community. The Russian-born singer does a variety of performances for Jewish causes, such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

13. The Ramones

14. Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson’s family name was shortened from Aaronson. Ronson was brought up as a conservative Jew.

15. Matisyahu

This one is the least surprising on Idolator’s list.

One person they left off the list, which kind of surprised me, is Mac Miller!

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7 comments on “Passover Treat: 15 Pop Stars You Didn’t Know Were Jewish

  1. Can we stop with this “didn’t know were Jewish” bullcrap? Stop trying to re-inforce the idea that if some famous person is not a deformed nerd, guess what, I “didn’t know they were Jewish”. Are you psychic? How do you know what I know?

    Oh, but of course, deformed nerd Andy Samberg isn’t “much of a surprise”. No, of course not, dummy, he’s a deformed nerd!

  2. what about adam sandler

  3. Most of the people on this list aren’t even Jewish! Just because they’re parents are, if they aren’t raised in the faith, let alone baptised, does not mean they’re Jewish.

  4. Niecy North on said:

    what about the actual jewish race? who are they?

  5. Silrak on said:

    Not all members of Ramones were jewish. From the original line up only Joey and Tommy were Jewish and then later Marky!

  6. Laurie on said:

    Judaism is not a race – it is a very old religion – monotheistic (belief in one God)– spanning thousands of years with religious and cultural traditions from many countries and continents! Being Jewish is not a race – Causasian, Negroid, or Asian, denotes races! Normally, being born “Jewish” (which is the religious and cultural lineage of practicing Judaism) comes from having a “Jewish” mother, or a person can convert to Judaism.

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