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Aug. 15.

Music Stars Who Declined to Perform at Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies

You would think that any music star would love to be a part of the Olympic’s closing ceremonies, but that was not the case for some!

The Guardian reported a number of musicians that did not want to be a part of the 2012 London Olympics’ closing ceremony.

Among those celebs included the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Kate Bush, and the Sex Pistols.

Bowie was a longshot to score for the event since he hasn’t toured since 2006, but hey, they did manage to round-up all five members of the Spice Girls for a performance that brought many 20-30-something year olds back to their teenage days.

The closing ceremonies didn’t lack, despite the organizers’ failed attempts to get the acts listed above. Musicians that DID appear included George Michael, Annie Lennox, One Direction, The Who, and the Spice Girls!

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Aug. 08.

Aly Raisman Gets Congratulatory Tweets from Weezy and a Jonas

Aly Raisman is by far the most talked about gymnast of the 2012 London Olympic games and it is well-deserved! Raisman, captain of the US women’s gymnastics team, has become the most decorated gymnast at the games. She has received medals for her team gold win, individual gold for her floor routine, and bronze for the balance beam.

Following her double win, Raisman took to Twitter to thank her friends, parents, and fans, which include some music celebs. Raisman tweeted:

“Wow what a day!!!!!! It was the perfect ending to an amazing Olympic experience. I loved every second of it, thank you everyone for the love.”

She also tweeted some lyrics from Miss Nicki Minaj, appropriately saying:

“I wish I could have this moment for life.”

As for her celebrity supporters, Lil Wayne and Joe Jonas sent her some love. Weezy tweeted:

“Aly Raisman, you’re golden! You’re awesome!”

While Joe Jonas tweeted:

“Wow @Aly_Reisman and the women gymnasts are incredible… GO USA!”

Aly retweeted and replied to Jonas, saying “thank you :) ))”

Congrats to Aly and the rest of the US women’s gymnastics team on your wins at the 2012 London Olympics!!!

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Aug. 06.

Justin Bieber Records Video Message for Olympian Missy Franklin

Justin Bieber has been known these past few weeks as a huge supporter of the 2012 London Olympics. While the Bieber fans are known to have Bieber fever, Bieber has the Olympic fever!

Bieber has been tweeting to some USA gold-medal winners, but he took it one step further for one Olympic athlete! Bieber recorded a video message for Olympic swimmer, Missy Franklin, who has earned four gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics.

Franklin, 17 years-old from Aurora, Colorado, told US Weekly:

“I was flipping out when I saw it! His little brother was in it too and he’s the cutest little thing ever. It was insane. I was so excited. He said he was on vacation so for him to take time out of his vacation to do that for me is so sweet and so special. I’m going to his concert soon. I can’t wait!”

Franklin got her first Twitter shout-out from Bieber after winning her first Olympic gold medal on July 31 for the women’s 100-meter backstroke. Bieber said:

“Heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. Now I’m a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #muchlove”

Bieber also sent a congratulatory tweet to the women’s US gymnastics team for taking home the gold at the Team Finals.

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Aug. 03.

Phillip Phillps’ “Home” Sales Rise Due to Olympics

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips’ song “Home” has increased its sales months after release and he has the 2012 Olympic games to thank for that!

“Home,” which was first released in May, has been used repeatedly as a theme during NBC’s broadcast of its women’s gymnastics coverage.

Industry sources are forecasting that this song can sell around 200,000 copies by week ending August 5, 2012, which is huge! It has already seen major sales gains since NBC started using it in their broadcasts. In the week ending July 29, 2012 it saw a 69% increase in downloads, selling 40,000 for this week (an increase in 24,000 from a week earlier).

It is tough to be able to project the sales for “Home” because as the song is broadcast more the sales seem to keep increasing.

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Aug. 03.

What Music Do America’s Olympians Have on Their Playlists?

Whether or not you’re a scientist, a doctor, lawyer, or an American Olympian, the one thing every person has in common is music. Music is a universal language that resonates throughout. So what do our American Olympians listen to before their big competitions? ABC News found out!

With the amount of focus and drive an Olympian must have, of course they have their favorite music to drive them and focus them even further. Every athlete has their own taste in music and it ranges from hip hop and R&B, to rock and pop.

It seems that our basketball players are a fan of the rapper Jay-Z, while his wife Beyonce is the choice artist for our runners.

Check out what some of the other American Olympians have on their playlists after the jump!


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Guests from the music industry arrive for the 2008 Q Awards
Aug. 02.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Gets Distracted by Olympics and Forgets Lyrics

Sure, every singer forgets the lyrics to a song at one time or another, but Coldplay’s Chris Martin has his reasons for forgetting his lyrics — the Olympics!

As reported by Ace Showbiz, at Coldplay’s show in Boston on Sunday, Martin was singing “Warning Sign” when all of a sudden he stopped and started laughing. He then said to his audience:

“Oh shit… I was thinking about the Olympics. I was distracted. I was not in the breakup frame of mind I needed to be in. I’m gonna get back into it. I’m gonna stop thinking about pole vaulting and things like that… The best concert in the world is happening right here, right now. Fuck the Olympics. Lets have a fucking great time in Boston!”

As he started the song again, he stopped and said:

“Please don’t tweet that I said ‘Fuck the Olympics.’ I didn’t mean it. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Coldplay is currently wrapping up their American tour.

Watch Martin’s little screw up after the jump!


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Jul. 30.

Justin Bieber Tweets Support to Canadian Gymnast Dominique Pegg

Justin Bieber may be a huge star here in the United States, but when it comes to the 2012 London Olympics he is a big supporter of his home country of Canada.

On Sunday Bieber let the world know how much he is supporting his home country be tweeting out support to Canadian gymnast, Dominique Pegg.

Bieber tweeted:

“@domiP3gg sorry im late 2 the party. want to let you know as a proud canadian Im always supporting you and proud of you. STAND UP CANADA! :)

Before her competition, Pegg tweeted to Bieber:

“K @justinbieber I will be competing in the Olympics in a few hours now. I thinks its time that you say goodluck! #London2012 #TeamCanada :)

As any girl would be (Olympian included), she was thrilled to get a response from the Biebs and tweeted:

“@justinbieber OMG thank you so much for tweeting me!! Thank you for teaching me to never give up on my dreams! #lookatusnow! #believe!”

She even retweeted a Bieber fan who tweeted:

“@justinbieber can [change] lives without even noticing. One of a kind! @domiP3gg dreams to come true …If you just #Believe and #nsn :)

Pegg qualified for the event finals.

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Jul. 30.

Some of Music’s Biggest Names Reveal Their Olympic Dreams

Olympians aren’t the only ones with Olympic dreams!

While Olympians have had their Olympic dreams ever since they were little kids, that doesn’t mean others can’t dream, right?

Well, some of music’s biggest names revealed their Olympic dreams to E! News. Musicians like Jordin Sparks, Glee’s Chord Overstreet, Julianne Hough, and Miranda Cosgrove are revealing what Olympic sports they would want to compete in.

Check out what they had to say after the jump!


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Mar. 28.

The Wanted Will Help Welcome The London Olympics

In the days leading up to the opening ceremonies of the London Summer Olympics there will be an ongoing series of concerts. One of those groups participating will be The Wanted.


In partnership with Coca-Cola, The Wanted will help light the Olympic torch this July, announced the band Tuesday morning. The group will be featured in the ongoing series of concerts leading up to the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, which corresponds with the Olympic Torch Relay beginning on May 25th.

Concerts will take place across Great Britain at various torch stops, including Cardiff, Wales, Glasgow, Scotland and Leeds, England. This will take place throughout the month of July. The Wanted will be performing the final concert live from Hyde Park on July 26th. Other acts performing these concerts include Mark Ronson, Katy B, Dizzee Rascal, You Me At Six, and Eliza Doolittle.

One Direction were asked about their involvement in the summer games when they appeared on The Today Show, but they appeared unaware of any involvement whatsoever. This sparked a Twitter revolution with petitions to get One Direction involved in the London Summer Olympics. Maybe they can join The Wanted for a mega-British boy band performance???

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Jan. 11.

Spice Girls Rumored to Reunite at London Olympics

There are rumors flying around that the Spice Girls will be reuniting for a performance at the London Olympics.

Now this is only a rumor and there have been no confirmations on this news, but how great would that be! Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell first launched this idea last year when speaking to The Mirror, saying:

“‘Singing at the games is a great idea and would be an amazing opportunity – and it’s a sign the Brits are back. This is our time. Everything is circular and now there’s a British pop revival…it needs to put itself back on the map on a world stage. This is our opportunity to show that British music, which has led and dominated the world, should do, always.”

Mel B told Star magazine that she would “never say never” and “I think it’s possible” about the reunion. She also said she would love them to tour again. Now that sounds even better to me!

Currently the girls are immersed in a bunch of side projects, but collectively the are organizing the upcoming Spice Girls musical, which is written by Jennifer Saunders. The musical is in pre-production and is expected to be titled Viva Forever. Directing the production of the musical will be Judy Kramer who produced Mama Mia.

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