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9 11
Sep. 11.

Remembering 9/11 Through Music

When tragedy hits almost everyone turns to music to soothe, heal, and distract themselves. This was no different in the days and weeks following the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001. Two major musical events took place following the attacks — The Concert for New York City and America: A Tribute To Heroes. At these events artists were inspired to write new material, as well as bring upon new meaning to old songs we all know and love.

Check out some of the songs below that were a part of these musical events, as well as songs that were written over the past 11 years that were inspired by or refer to the tragic day.

Tori Amos- “I Can’t See New York”

Beastie Boys – “An Open Letter to NYC”

Sheryl Crow – “Out of Our Heads”

Yellowcard- “Believe”

Paul McCartney- “Freedom/Let It Be”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- “I Won’t Back Down”

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Sep. 20.

Tori Amos’ ‘Night of Hunters’

Night of Hunters is the eleventh studio album from Tori Amos and her first release on Classical label Deustche Grammophon. Night of Hunters, released today, is a 21st century song-cycle inspired by classical music from the last 400 years. The concept of the album is reinvention and it brings Amos back to her piano work, something that she abandoned for years for an electronically produced sound.

This album isn’t the type of music that I normally write about. The perfect way to describe this album is abstract. I’m writing about it to broaden people’s musical horizons. I think it’s always good to veer away from the norm and listen to something that you don’t normally listen to.

On Night of Hunters the central character is a woman ending a long relationship and throughout the album the listener is taken on a journey over the course of one night, while exploring complex musical themes. Not only does the album explore complex musical themes, but also complex emotional themes. She takes the ideas and concepts of classical music composers and turns it into something of her own. Its unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.

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